Opioid Deaths

The numbers below reveal that our work is not done in the quest to eradicate this epidemic. We must continue to bring education to our citizens about this problem to prevent the use of opioids, treat those who are addicted and eradicate the supply of illegal drugs.

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Lives Saved Using Narcan

The number of lives saved in DuPage County has grown dramatically in the past few years.  Naloxone is a non-addictive prescription medication that, if used while someone is having a heroin overdose, can save the person’s life. It is more commonly referred to as Narcan. 

View the 2016 DuPage Narcan Program report (PDF)

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About Us

In 2013, as overdose and death rates continued to escalate, citizens and officials formed the DuPage Coalition Against Heroin to combat the heroin epidemic in DuPage County. Members of the Coalition are united in the belief that heroin is a community problem that requires a community solution. The Coalition is comprised of representatives from the offices of the DuPage State’s Attorney, Public Defender, County Board, Coroner, Public Health, Human Services, Courts, Jail, as well as from treatment centers, hospitals and non-profit agencies.

Heroin Coalition Meetings

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Ensure that your prescription medications are not abused.  Medications can be disposed of at an RxBOX location.

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